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January 05, 2012


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It is my honor and privileged to found and read your post. It made me learn a lot of different ideas. Keep up the good work.


Sherri Blum

What a perfect environment! I love the vibrant colors you surround yourself with and use in your all made me smile! Paisley is adorable- with a face like that, I'd let her on the table, too! And my favorite part is the horse friend you get to see on your walks because I'm a horse person myself and need them in my life...I would move into your studio any day! :) Thanks for sharing.

Valerie Buynak, Slow House Designs

Thanks Brenda!
What I intially perceived as something that would make me anxious - looking at what everyone else is doing snd succeeding at - was not at all. Although I have been an artist for years, I am new to the idea of art as income. I have been looking for something to inspire me to take a step further...this studio meet and greet gives me breadth.


Full of colour and joy - just like you. Thanks for the visit Brenda. Can't believe you have your own plane for nipping down the shops.

terri conrad

Hi Brenda, it's so fun to see everyone's creative space. Love the versatility of your creative expression, and that rolling cart is a must have. I'm going to be on the lookout for one.


Samantha Walker

You mentioned getting this space...but I had no idea how IDEAL it was for you! This is FABULOUS! Look at all that light, for the queen of color! I had to point out the airplane hanger in the background to my hubby. He flies, and loves the sky. We looked at an airstrip community in Washington while we lived there...but just in a "dreaming of someday" sort of way. How perfect that this worked out for you!

Janet Wecker Frisch

Hi Brenda - Oooh, a sunroom, ideal! All of that light and roomy too. Fortunate and conveniently close by. Very nice Brenda, thanks for the artful view.

Brenda Pinnick

Paula, come up a visit me sometime! Or, do you not go OTP ; )
Woodstock is only 25 miles away from downtown.

Paula Joerling

Love those windows. What a bright and inspiring studio.

sue zipkin

Brenda I really loved hearing about your space. This is so beautiful I love all the colors, the pictures turned out great. Your studio reflects your wonderful personality and artwork. Thanks again for your encouragement with this.

Aaron Christensen

Oh Brenda, such a bright and cheerful color palette you surround yourself with! Thanks for sharing your spaces with us and for sharing the hop adventure.


Looks so you. Bright, cheery and oh so spacious... How could anyone NOT be inspired in such a big, lovely space?!?!? So happy for you being in this gorgeous place.

Shelly Comiskey

Brenda the colors and your space is Fantastic!! What a great place to create!!


Beautiful! Not only are you so fortunate to have such a lovely place to work, but the space itself is lucky to be filled with such color and joy! Thank you for sharing!!!


Love it! You have the bright airy feel I wish I had in my basement cave. Your room looks very "Brenda".

shelly kennedy

(worth the wait!) :)
love the colors - so bright and warm - just what i needed this morning! thanks for sharing!

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