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October 28, 2011


Barbara Moore

Color is very important to me. I gravitate toward colors that are my favorites

Michelle H.

Very pretty card!!
Yes I do tend to buy products and items that match my decor colors.
I really like most of my items to match!


Extremely influenced by color. Example: Target. Can't get out of that store without stopping in an aisle to drool over something. Somehow I have willpower to not buy everything there I want.
When I'm in the quilt store, I always stop at the fat quarter section & find 4 must-haves. And they are each so different in color & design.

sharon gullikson

Artsy and craftsy people are into color, and I'm no exception. It's HUGE!!!

natasha g.p.

Color makes a huge difference for me when I buy most things. Some things don't matter, but I can't think of what those things would be....

Vickie Kertz

I don't feel I am totally influenced by color. It sort of depends on my mood. I do however lover shades of olive green and many times my clothes decisions may migrate in that direction

Harriet Hensley

Color is very important to me .... and it has to be one of the colors that i like and am comfortable with.... the shades of those colors are important as well....

Cynthia H

I do tend to shop by color - especially for clothes, home decor and craft supplies. I love brights, but tend to avoid pastels...


It depends on the item. If it is clothing or jewelry color is really important. If it is a tool of something practical price is more important than color.

Babe O'Mara

Color is very important to me. I'm influenced a great deal by it. I like bright colors in my clothing. The brown jacket with the sparkle cuffs is still in my closet from 2 years ago. Never wore it. Don't know why I bought it. Brown is not good on me. When I wear emerald green or royal blue I always get compliments.



Congrats to Molly! I am just searching around for some new colours to buy tomorrow while shopping...colour certainly influences my buying decision (even the packaiging). Colour can really create a mood and tell a story, before even seeeing the details.

Molly Smith

Thank you Brenda and Sizzix for picking me as yesterday's winner, and for the generous prize!

Color is always a deciding factor when buying anything. I love bright colors, always have. I don't go with the trends as much when making a purchase. If it is black and white OR bright colors, I buy. Example, paper!

Angela Fehr

Love the flowers!
I'm always influenced by colour in my buying decisions. Well, maybe not as much when buying groceries but wouldn't I love to have all my appliances in a funky colour, and for clothes it's a no-brainer.

Kath Halstead

Hey great blog
Colour to me is very important. If I see some fabby papers but the colours are not me I don't buy it. Also I seem to float towards neutrals and browns they attract me the most I have bought lots of inks, papers, embelishment just because they are a yummy chocolate colour ha ha
Kath x

Cori Weisfeldt

Color is very important in my buying decisions. Whether it is clothes, cars, knick-knacks, craft supplies or whatever I am shopping for I tend to gravitate towards colors that appeal to me. Specifically, if I am clothes shopping I will glance over what is in the department and will look at specific items only when the colors catch my eye.

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