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August 24, 2007


Evelyn Morris Hecht

I'm new here, but Lisa S knows me.
I was envious when Lisa told me that Andrew does her framing, but now I am positively green after seeing what her SWEET hub did for her studio. And Brenda's hub also!
I have been using duct tape for weatherstripping (since I am cursed with an unhandy hub) but just found out how toxic it is.
It isn't easy being green.

EC (Lisa) Stewart

That's very cool, Brenda! We'll want to see photos!

Brenda Pinnick

Andrew, Thanks for your comment.
I'm kidding when I say "angry". My husband is busy building an airplane and actually just finished (almost) building out my studio from raw space, even with a tray ceiling! He can and does make everything, being an engineer...just not enough hours in the day to complete all his projects and mine besides!!!
You did a fantastic job on those cabinets! You're a good husband, and so is mine!

Andrew Hayden

Brenda, Don't let him see it as a source of anger, look it as inspiration.

EC (Lisa) Stewart

Um... well then, don't send him back to my blog where I've uploaded a few more photos of Andrew's great work. One includes a gorgeous credenza.

Brenda Pinnick

Lisa, now my husband's really mad at your husband! ...Brenda

EC (Lisa) Stewart

Thanks so much Brenda for including my space!!!

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